Click here to donate to the CHAFE 150 and your donation will go directly to the Lake Pend Oreille School District to support and develop research based programs that meet the needs of students with autism. This includes consultation services for program development, technology tools to support social and academic development of youth with autism, and outreach services for the families of students on the autism spectrum.

Donations are usually tax deductible, but check with your financial adviser. Donations for the CHAFE 150 are made through the Sandpoint Rotary Charitable Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit as designated by the IRS. Click  here to learn more about the Rotary Club of Sandpoint.

It’s the next best thing to riding! Sandpoint folks are known for their enthusiasm, friendliness and fun-loving attitude. Without exception, the CHAFE 150 draws a fabulously fun crew to work together in staging one great bike ride.

So, yes, we can use a hand! We are looking for volunteers to help produce the event as it is progressing. Volunteer crews are needed to help in the following areas: registration team, road teams, rest stop support, nurses, rider support, start/stop facility team. Please email us at and join the team!